Breakfast in Penang

Sunday, February 2, 2014

A brief list of breakfasts from George Town, Penang.

Confession: I’ve been hanging onto this post since last July,

Digging for originality,

Which is why it’s good I’m not a journalist,

But today is the day I set it free.

Happy February, y’all.

May the month be as sweet as it is short.



Coffee, Half-boiled Egg, and Toast with Kaya–standard morning fare at any Chinese coffee shop in Malaysiabreakfast-penang-georgetown-kopitiam



Rava Thosai–thin, crisp crepes served with coconut chutney, sambar, and fish curryrava thosai-breakfast-penang-georgetown


Wanton Mee–commonly sold at hawker stalls, can be ordered wet or dry (dry in the photo below) wonton mee-breakfast-penang-georgetown


Koay Teow Th’ng–noodles with pork, fish cake, and scallion–pronounced kway-tow-tung, or you could do like I did, which is to fumble with the name and point instead (one bangin’ bowl of noodles either way)


Roti Canai–buttery, soft flatbread with or without an egg fried in its center, and so good when cooked on the spotroti canai-penang-georgetown-breakfast

roti canai-Penang-Georgetown-breakfast


Nasi Lemak–coconut-soaked, sambal-seasoned rice wrapped with hard egg yolk in pandan leaf (goes best with iced lime juice)–the lovely woman in the photo below told me to order peanut and anchovy–she was rightnasi lemak-penang-breakfast-georgetown

nasi lemak-breakfast-penang-georgetown