September 4

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

I don’t like to play favorites, but September has a way. September is that friend with undefinable grace who can lift your foulest mood just by entering the same room. Wins me over every time.

Seasons are beautiful for their dependability, aren’t they? The subtleties between each full-fledged summer and autumn are too good. A morning breeze that doesn’t feel like tepid breath or smell like sewage, for example. I kid. I love summer, and lately, I’m clutching to the days as they slip by instead of running ahead, wanting for cooler weather, weekends, or holidays because soon, I will leave again. Korea is home now, as much as New York was home, and Florida. Home is Minnesota.

I’m reading a book about writing, and one theme the author keeps returning to is now. Too often we are bogged down with thoughts of what has already happened and what could happen. Seldom do we recognize that we have everything we need to start from now. I don’t think the author meant to suggest that it is only writers who are blocked by this.

In the midst of gripping to what I can’t keep but in memory, I try to make time here once a week, and it’s become one of the rituals I enjoy most. If you’re reading this, you’re a part of it. Thank you for that. Here’s what I’ve got today.

Mul Naengmyeon

Naengmyeon. A bowl of these frigid, spicy buckwheat noodles is a bitch slap to all sorts of heat-induced apathy. Sultry days may be retired for the year, but I plan to eat naengmyeon three times more before the end of the month.

An idle online dating account. I swore I’d sooner tattoo my natal cleft than succumb to the world of Internet courtship. Then the humidity struck in June and fooled me into thinking organic connections are a thing of the past, the sneaky bastard. I knew better, and it feels good to remember my instinct aligned with what I hope for, what I want, even if I didn’t listen at first.

A mug of lukewarm water that I will continue to refill either until this post is finished or all the filtered water in the house is gone.

Grapes that taste like the grape juice of the nineties! You know what I mean!


This song. And this one.

And after last weekend, new friendships and stronger friendships with people I might never have met elsewhere.

(Photo on the easel above by Sewon. Photo below by Sooji).

Have a good 3 (or 4) of September (or whatever date is your today).

p.s. HBA!

  • Yaer!

    Loving the new look! And as usual, the photos and the eats

  • Natalia

    I’d like to offer you some MAD respect for your song choices! Gold Dust Woman is obviously a classic, and Hole did a fantastic cover of it on “The Crow” soundtrack but nothing can compare to the original. And Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros is my new love. I’m glad they’ve made it to your ears and into your life.

  • Lillian

    Oh, naengmyeon. I had it for the first time about five or six years ago and loved it (although the rather hard-to-chew noodles really tired out my jaw).

    On an unrelated note, I’m really liking your new site display! Happy September.

    • admin

      Thanks Lillian! Happy September to you, too. My jaw must be conditioned because I don’t notice that anymore.^^

  • The Seoul Girl

    korean grapes are a truly special thing. i like that it’s become a little chilly out these days. i was getting a bit fed up with the cloying summer.

    • admin

      Me too! Autumn in Korea is pretty special too, don’t you think? Have you found any interesting ways to use local grapes? They’re so good as they are, too.