End of the Line : Amsa

Friday, September 20, 2013

My new friend Dominic and I took the train to the end of the pink line a few Sundays back. We didn’t have much of a plan, but we did have a couple of empty hours and two cameras. We meandered around by some mud huts at the city’s famous prehistoric settlement site, reached boredom in less than an hour, and hopped back on the train two stops to catch the sunset over the Han. While I can’t give many (or any) recommendations for the area around Amsa station, I would urge you to walk the bridge from the nearby Gwangnaru stop, pick up a few beers on the other side and perch at the edge of the river amongst the fishermen, the teenaged lovebirds and the visor-clad ladies, the ones who rule the city.

End of the Line Amsa Dragonfly 1

End of the Line Amsa Cave 2

The sky was especially saturated that day, from a cotton-spattered Chevy blue at midday to an ombre of butterscotch, and later a giant canvas of cotton candy, lavender and pink and completely out of reach.

When we’d drained and deposited our beer cans, we packed up and walked back to the train to meet our friend Melda for Tex-Mex (which, to find in Seoul, felt like a small miracle). Cars sliced through the belly of the bridge while spiders held stake at the edges, working feverishly under a moon that wasn’t quite full. Spiders know so many things we don’t, don’t you think? We would have counted hundreds of them, if we had counted.

Seoul Sunset Han River 4 Seoul Sunset Han River 2 Seoul Sunset Han River 3 Seoul Sunset Han River 1

Thank you, Dominic, for sharing the day and these beautiful shots from it.