Good Things

Sunday, June 9, 2013

I have a new dream to one day own a garden. It could be small, it could be in the middle of the city on a roof, but ideally it will be part of a yard with grass soft enough for barefeet. Since moving to our new apartment, we’ve acquired rosemary, lemongrass, basil, and mint. Our cherry tomato plant died a quick death, but the rest are thriving. Why is this exciting, you ask? Because for the first time, I’ve kept a plant alive for more than a couple of weeks (includes cacti). !! I feel like a proud parent.

Let’s move to Seoul and summer and a few exciting things happening in and out of the city. Here’s a very short list of local favorites, some from friends and some from strangers, all good. We’re lucky to live here. If you don’t, you should visit. I know a place you could stay.

500 Bingsu, or the dessert of summer in Korea.

Good beer hunting.

Seoul through the eyes of Jun.

In praise of gochujang, Korea’s most beloved condiment.

Stock up on cherry tomatoes while they’re in season and make some semi-dried.

Beat the heat.

Fresh, homemade Mediterranean foods, same day shipping to Seoul and Suwon, overnight shipping to the rest of Korea.

Egg salad sandwiches for picnics, y’all! Kimchi frittata for brunch!

Itching to get out of Seoul for a day? Buamdong looks like the perfect day trip destination.

A summer musical not to be missed at Haechi Hall in Myeongdong. Go here for ticket info.

Fell + Cole has a fresh store in Hongdae!

Mipa and Yona are opening a baking studio!

Never stop playing. Never stop creating.