Steel Cut Oats

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Unless it’s vacation, the first day waking up in a new city is usually tough. I’m talking a place you’re going to be for awhile that isn’t all that familiar. Minneapolis was that way to me just six weeks ago for the first few days, until it became familiar again. Seoul is that way today – wet, gray, and a tad strange. Sometimes I wonder if I’m cut out for extended bouts of traveling anymore. People insist that it gets easier, but I disagree. I actually think the older you get and the more you appreciate and open yourself up to what’s around you, the harder it is to leave. Patience is the softener for shortening the adjustment period, and so that’s what I’m aiming for.


Minutes after I wrote the paragraph above, I stepped out for coffee. Ladies walked with umbrellas, though the rain had stopped and there was no sun. Bursts of fuchsia blossoms snaked through iron fences that line the sidewalk. Thomas, our building manager, gave me a hug and a string of indecipherable words. Upstairs, my old roommates and I sat in the kitchen like we did every morning months ago. It’s hard to describe how grateful I was for that. Then I made a pot of oatmeal.

Steel Cut Oats adapted from TasteSpotting

For four, or for less with leftovers

1 cup steel cut oats

3 cups water

salt (2 pinches)

Combine oats, water, and salt in a pot deep enough so that the water covers the oats by one to two inches. Bring to a boil, then turn heat to low and simmer for twenty minutes or more, stirring occasionally, until the oatmeal is thick and a little dry – not goopy. Top with cinnamon, sugar, and toasted pumpkin seeds.