the process of writing

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Just like there is no one correct recipe for living, there cannot be one standard way to write. I don’t know much about how others write because I guess, up to this point, I haven’t spoken so openly about the process with many people. Writing still feels incredibly new.

Most of the time, I let the words come freely, even if they make me cringe. Ideas can be redundant – I let them – because sometimes the third sentence is better than the first. My brain has never worked in step-by-step, logical patterns, but I so envy people who operate by this method – it seems less chaotic, more stable. What if we all could see thought maps of our brains to understand exactly how our individual thoughts are developed and expressed, and through which channels they pass to come to fruition? I think mine would look like a splattering of paint, winding round in an unpredictable path, enough to drive a Virgo or someone of similar temperaments insane.

Writing is like sewing for me because I dissect each sentence, cutting it from its initial position and pasting it elsewhere until it fits. This is the part that makes me want to tear out my hair. Writing isn’t easy. It’s incredibly difficult, but that’s why I do it. Things that scare me or make me want to run away – those are the things I want to push through while I’m here. When I come up with a better analogy, I’ll let you know.

If you write, what is your process like? I would love to hear.

p.s. a magnificent explanation of why one writer writes.