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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Sheets of rain are soaking the streets, coaxing people to stay in bed longer today. I would be in Itaewon picking up a book for a new tutoring student, but on account of both the state of the atmosphere and my shoes, I decided to duck into a coffee shop closer to home. The sweet barista just plunked a bonus hot cup of rosehip tea next to my cappuccino. So far, it looks like the rain gods are playing a game of catch-up deliverance in the midst of an extremely hot and dry season. For that, I say bring it on.

I’m working on a recap of my trip to Taiwan with MJ. But until I get the photos together and something down on paper, I thought I’d post a few links of good things I’ve seen around the web recently. Have a wonderful week.

Great ideas for utilizing watermelon rind.

A frightening article on climate change.

MJ and I spent a day at a jimjilbang last weekend, where we were massaged, masked, lubed, and scrubbed of every last dead skin cell by nearly naked older women. It reminded me of this Moth podcast. There is nothing like traveling with your girlfriends.

Kimbra’s got talent, big time.

I can’t wait to finally check out this farmers market.

Make a Blood and Sand cocktail. How-to video here.

Currently reading this. And everywhere I go, I’m hearing this.

Hello in 15 languages.

Spicy lamb salad.

  • Nikoline

    That lamb salad sounds a lot like Laab. Yum! And Kimbra is awesome.
    I’ll check out the Moth on my way home! This spring I got to see the Moth at a Museum conference, such a great thing they’re doing!

  • Annie

    I love how random and interestingly information this post was! I am writing this comment as I listen to the Kimbra link you post. I am going to leave the lamb salad to someone else, however, but enjoyed reading it regardless.