31st of May

Thursday, May 31, 2012

A trip outside of Seoul is easy enough to arrange, but I meet a lot of people who don’t take the opportunity for all that it’s worth. And I get it. There is more than enough within the city limits to keep us stimulated – history, music, great food, shopping, art, fitness. By the time the weekend hits, it feels easier to seek something inside of the city than take the effort to plan a few days away. But without the occasional escape to someplace calmer, even the most well-oiled of urbanites are bound to feel like caged birds with working wings.

As I round the final stretch of my tenure in Korea, I’ve decided to reign in the somewhat scattered topics of this project to one main: travel within this gorgeous, bewildering, layered country. At least for the next couple of months. It is my genuine hope that this specific effort will do two things: encourage me to travel more and, in doing so, encourage me to write much more. I’ve got May’s trip under my belt, and I’m looking forward to putting something up about it soon.

Also, today is my grandmother’s birthday. She would have been 91! Can you imagine living 90 years? Blows my mind. She reminds me of the importance of roots, of a regular return to origin, even through constant motion. The photo above looks a lot like a koru, and a koru symbolizes just that.

Thanks, always, for reading. You make this whole scary process of writing so, so, so much better.


  • kdmrtn

    you are a writer. through and through.

  • Joan ault

    I love reading your blog, if you had any doubt about being a writer, don’t. You are a great writer. I envy your generation for being able to travel so much easier than mine. Michelle is going back to Botswana in Sept. for three weeks. Maybe someday I will beable to start traveling once again. Have fun for the rest of your time in South Korea.

    • jlgabel

      Hi Jody! I’m really glad to hear about Michelle. You must be proud! Yes, we’re incredibly lucky to travel, and in so many ways, the generations before us have paved the way. Thanks for your encouragement :)