One thing I know to be true.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sarah Kay performed her TED talk, “If I have a daughter,” back in March. I watched it once last summer and a second time this morning. She’s impressive. Have a look here.

One thing I know to be true? I am scared shitless of heights. Heights have both brought me to tears and forced a record-breaking slew of swear words out of my mouth, all from the top rung of a household ladder. But today, I’m going paragliding through the mountains of Korea. Or rather, today I’m going to attempt to paraglide through the mountains of Korea. My heart is already pumping. Four letter words are at the tip of my tongue. Who the f*ck came up with this idea? is flashing through my mind. We leave in thirty minutes. I’ve got to go brush my teeth. If I’m going to be apologizing to my cohorts, I’m sure as hell not going to be doing it with morning breath.

I’ll see you next week, perhaps with a story, or maybe even with something else I will have learned to be true.

  • tom archambault

    Good luck! (Thought it’s already over) I hope everything worked out for you and you enjoyed the experience

    • jlgabel

      Hey Tom! So cool of you to read this and take the time to write. Thank you for that. I hope you’re having the breakfast of your dreams at least 70% of the time. :)

  • Nikoline

    Yikes! I saw the pictures. Looks terrifying, but exhilarating! Hope you had fun!

    • jlgabel

      Thanks, Nik: remember the time we rode the slingshot at Cedar Point? Ruined me for all future daredevilry, I think. There’s something about age that makes you acutely aware of any possible side effects of adventure, i.e. fatal injury. Still, it was pretty awesome.

  • Mary Jo

    Great shots. Sounds like you had a good time. I loved it in Medellin as you know… Any news about July? I’d love to buy my ticket :)!!!

  • Lana

    Jacqui! So glad to have met you and to now be able to see your blog. Excited to read about your take on paragliding :) And, of course, I’d love to get some coffee or whistkey sometime. These are two of my favorite things, so I certainly cannot say no. My e-mail is Let’s choose a time soon! Hope you have a wonderful Halloween weekend.