look up or you could miss it

Monday, October 17, 2011

INSIDE:  Sometimes blogging feels equivalent to talking to an imaginary companion. I’d guess many of the reasons for doing both are pretty similar, too.

OUTSIDE: How often do we actually look up while we’re walking somewhere, especially when we’re in a hurry? To what extent do we take in our surroundings instead of staying stuck in our own heads, absorbed by whatever or whoever is on the front of our minds at the time? It’s an easy place to be, the latter, and admittedly, the moment I step out into the world is often the moment I tuck back inside of my own.

I found this photo again recently, and even though I took it last spring, I hadn’t noticed it the same way until the other day. It reminded me to look up, to connect, to share. Because when I do, and do so consciously, I am always surprised by what I find.

THIS TOO: I like this song so much, and the video is good for October.