hour of beer

Thursday, March 3, 2011

It’s 2:00 p.m., and I just made myself a michelada.

I also have some news.  In January, I applied for a course that would certify me to teach English to adults, called the CERTA.  My intention was to take the course while in Buenos Aires since the timing worked out perfectly, to prepare myself to move somewhere for six months to a year to teach English and earn money while traveling.  The interview was this week, and everything went well.  I thought about it for the past two days, and something didn’t seem right.   Did I really want to spend the majority of my time in Buenos Aires in a classroom?  I came to South America to learn Spanish and to experience the culture, the people, taste the food, to spend time with friends and to open my mind and heart to a wider world, and to, ideally, write about it. Taking the course would leave little time for much else beyond lesson planning and classroom work.  So yesterday, I decided that I’m going to take Spanish classes instead.  Intensive, morning classes that will leave the afternoons free.  Free for wandering, eating empanadas (and I will, everyday), meeting locals, and practicing Spanish.  It sounds ridiculous and hard to believe that this will be my life for the next few months, but I want to take full advantage of it while I have the opportunity.

Tonight, we’re going salsa dancing.  Tomorrow, we’re going to the jungle.  I hope you have a great weekend, wherever you are.  See you next week.

  • Jess

    Nice choice jacq. Spend your trip doing what you set out to do …

  • Juan Roberto

    Hey Jacq….what a great blog you have here, I really enjoy reading your thoughts….experiences and looking at the pictures…i didn´t though you have this talent….but you are a really good writer…I can even feel what you are writing…and the pics…uufff…really good ones too…they are alive…so congrants for the blog. About the spanish lessons….let me give you a tip…look for Antigua Guatemala or Quetzaltengango in Guatemala…here are 2 of the best places in Latin America to really learn spanish, local culture and live and experiences big time many things…you will never regret it….te lo aseguro…asi que si quieres más información, me cuentas y te la facilito…un abrazo guapa!!!

    • jlgabel

      Juan, thanks for taking the time to write such a thoughtful response. I wish I was going to make it to Guatemala during this trip, for then I’d surely heed your advice para clases de Español! Know any place in Buenos Aires? I’ve got a few recommendations from other sources. On a separate note, I’m glad you’re keeping in touch and I hope we all get the chance to dance like we did a few weekends ago. Someone else get engaged, quick! jeje.